The first drops of the rain

by Oleg Ti


It is so amazing when the model is not only beautiful, spectacular, but also so artistic. Working in New York with spanish actress Ana Asensio, we decided to do something interesting. Not just a few pictures against the background of New York streets, but make interesting story. What do you have to do for that? To place her into an environment where she could not only pose for the camera, but she could play: movements, emotions, gestures, informing the audience to the atmosphere of the City.

In our story we decided to portray the early morning hours in New York with a girl returning from the party, a kind of modern Audrey Hepburn at the beginning of the movie going along deserted Fifth Avenue. Waking up, fresh, romantic city – an environment in which you like just to stay and enjoy it. Do not run fast back, but breathe this atmosphere of this great city.

It’s so nice to shoot in the morning! it is not hot, no hordes of curious people, nice lighting. And in order to get the opportunity we had to start doing makeup at 4:00 am! And we met the dawn when we went to Broadway ready for the shoot.

We wanted to make pictures with a girl walking alone on the street. My assistant was holding a Canon 580 flash with a white umbrella. We set up the light, we were ready to shoot, but suddenly began to rain. The first drops of rain in the morning in August in New York! What a wonderful thing it is! Ana raised her hands with amazement, as if welcoming the rain, and I just managed to make the picture. Rain poured harder, and she had to run under the shed, hiding from the rain her beautiful dress. So we stood, admiring the downpour in this beautiful morning.

Then we found a cozy cafe, and shot there. And we sat there watching Broadway through drops on the window glass. And this photo, one of only two or three clicks, could not better express the atmosphere than it did in that way!

Camera: Hasselblad H3D-31
Lens: Hasselblad 210 4.0
Extra light: Canon 580 flash with a white umbrella on reflection, in front of model, synchronization via Pocket Wizard
Location: New York City, Broadway at the intersection of Spring Street
Aperture: 4.0
Exposure: 1/100 sec
ISO: 400

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