Woman in red

by Oleg Ti

Explaining the work of studio lighting in my master classes and workshops, I try to show the students that sometimes with simple accessories they can make an interesting and spectacular photo if they attached smart and good knowledge of shooting techniques.

Preparing for some commercial shoot earlier, in addition to many accessories I bought a roll of red fabric and now it stood in the corner of the studio, waiting for the hour of triumph flushing with bright colors in my photo.

Driven by a desire to make a dramatic compositional decision to change the perception of space, I put the model on a stool pushing it all into a grey corner of the studio.

Taking this roll of fabric I wrapped it around the model, made a few tucks behind her. The other end laid on the floor of the studio that way to be in a field of lens view. So I got a beautiful model looking to us from his pedestal in a spectacular red dress with a waterfall and waves spreading over the expanse of the studio.

Unusual spatial resolution required radical light. One of the fundamental principles of the studio lighting – the separation of light beams. We must try to ensure that each light source, even if it is tenth in the lighting setup, covers just necessary part of model you need to be lit.

So here, knowing that the spectacular light solutions can be achieved by separating of the light beams, I decided to use two main sources of light: one would light the model and another one the red dress. Not knowing yet what the solution will be for the dress, first I put the soft box with honeycombs directly above the model. The beam of light thus obtained is quite narrow, and in this case covers only the head and hands of the model, and a small section of the wall and it is not touching the dresses. I even pushed the soft box deep into the corner not to have its rays falling on the dress. I asked the model to throw back his head and this is not only a desire to give it a glamorous position, but also to preserve the right, academic drawing of light on her face. We know that the higher we set the light, the more we should ask the model to keep her chin up to avoid deep, textured, disfiguring shadows on her face. If this photo was taken only with this light source, you would see it like this: a dark corner with a subtle silhouette of the model in a dress with the face and hands pulled from the darkness with the spot of light.

Now it came to the dress. Desiring to enhance the effect of waves flowing red dress, I decided to put the light only on the dress without touching the walls. Such a decision would increase the brightness of the fabric that transformed into a sparkling, glowing in the rays of light, elegant evening dress. To do this, I took a few lights with reflectors and honeycombs. Using this 4 sources with barns making the spots of light slightly elongated and narrow, I put them on the dress closely monitoring to get this spots just on the dress and not on the wall.

Completely avoiding exposure of light on the wall and having lighting just on the dress I made such an interesting picture that makes you wonder how the photo was taken.

Good Luck!

Photo info:
Aperture: 14
Exposure: 1/125
ISO: 100
Camera: Canon 5D
Focal Length: 32 mm