Above the roofs of Moscow

by Oleg Ti

Sometimes even the most brilliant ideas could be broken over the force majeure. But sometimes it bring nice ideas and views of pictures…

We had a lovely idea to make a shoot on the roof! A huge work had been done to implement our plan. We dragged a ton of equipment to the roof: backgrounds, stands, flash heads, spotlights, fans. But suddenly faced with a number of unpredictable factors: we had to wait for a new model, we had to wait for another dresses, and at last the wind started, and eventually began to rain. We were waiting for sun, and that waiting was stretching to hours.

But when the first rays of sun happened I didn’t have time to hesitate. When the crew was preparing for props, equipment and outfits I made several shots for fun using this crazy wide focal length! 16 mm! And I was sure that I make it just for fun! Who could think you should make model pictures with such a wide lens.

I used other numbers of focal lengths taking other pics, but later, at home, looking through the pics, I found that that crazy, radical variant was the best. Unreally long legs bring grotesque and make it hipertrophied symbol of model beauty. And really, that becomes the picture that attract attention from all people who look at it. And this became one of my favorite photos getting the first place in my portfolio. Thanks to excellent work of model, the “nice” weather, the waiting and my decision to use such a very wide lens.

To light the model I used studio flash heads with 600 W/sec . It was possible to connect to the 220 Volt source so I could use them without additional battery packs. The key light was beauty dish on the boom in front of model. I often use such a solution. It gives a softer light than a reflector but it has almost the same light transmission coefficient in comparing to the umbrella or soft box, with which you can achieve a much softer light, but with much greater losses. In addition, the plate has much less resistance to wind flow, which is important when using it on the street, especially on the roof, open to the winds.

For these same reasons, during the shoot I used reflectors as a fill light. Their only purpose is to “pull out” the details in shadows and hard shadows that create the reflectors are lost in a more powerful light that gives the key light. It used two  reflectors, which stand on either side of me.

The sun is lighting to the model’s back. And the light heads behind the models are props.

The parameters taken:
Camera-Canon EOS 5D,
The lens – Canon 16-35 2.8
Focal length – 16 mm
ISO 50
Aperture f/16
Exposure 1/200 sec