So exotic equipment

by Oleg Ti

It was so crazy day! I took my lighting equipment and found it broken at the beginning of the shoot! Oh my God! My attempts to find new one in Saturday in New York failed. You know how hard is to find photography equipment in New York in Saturday!!! A lot of rental companies are closed those days! It was commercial and after one hour of searching I made a decision: I will take pics with these constructors’ lamps that I found here on location we choosen for the shoot! I saw the fear in my client’s eyes but I understood: It is my only chance to do it! I understood that these hard conditions sometimes bring us such unpredictable style of pictures. You have to work! Not to think what hard conditions surround you!

And I did it. With so exotic type of lighting (if you could call it so) equipment. Mix of warm lamps and cool window light brought such a nice color contrast to pictures! My client was happy! Sure! You alway have to think about result! No matter what kind of equipment you use!

Goog luck!