Going to Bali this Fall

by Oleg Ti

Those pics were made last Winter when I decided to tear myself away from snowy Europe to fly to Bali to host very “hot” workshop under sunny sky. I took just my Hasselblad camera and my Profoto battery pack. That is enough when you have nice models and great desire to do nice picture. This Fall I am going to do the same thing! From the end of November.

How do I see it?
1. It will be the group of 10 photographers.
2. It will be 6 lessons: 4 days of model shooting (4 different models and 4 different locations) and 2 days of postproduction.
3. We will use professional lighting equipment.
4. The goal is to get new experience of making outdoor pictures with strobe lighting equipment and to get new pictures in your portfolio. Models will sign release.
5. I will rent an villa where everyone could get a space for additional payment but therefore that is the question that everyone could solve by himself. Bali has a very wide range of places to live for different prices.
6. The cost is at about $700-800. The models and the equipment are included. Flight and  housing aren’t included of course. You have to take a camera, a laptop computer and your good mood.
7. I will be ready to say exact date in 2-3 weeks but I guess that it will be the end of November and will continue for a week.

Do you wish to attend this workshop?
Please, write to my email tityaev@yahoo.com and I will send all additional details.