Honeycomb grid over softbox

by Oleg Ti

Oleg Ti

To improve your studio technique, I always recommend to complicate the conditions of the shoot. When you work for yourself, for your portfolio, when you don’t have a client giving many “valuable” instructions. For me, one of the most enjoyable amusements is to recreate my own photos using only one lighting unit. Using reflectors, flags, gels, many other studio devices, I try to create the same light pattern, which I created once before with several lighting units. Of course this requires a tremendous amount of time, a well-equipped studio, has not a 100% chance of success, but this kind of working helps us to get the greatest experience. To make our “small” discoveries, to create our own algorithms of studio working, to feel the nuances of each lighting modifier. Leaving only one lighting unit in the studio for a week, believe me, you will begin to notice that your technique made a huge leap this week.

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