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Lesson 1. Full body lighting scheme. Part 4


To soften and widen the light spot, I placed the frost-frame in front of the reflector with a diffusion gel covering whole area of this frame.

I often use this solution when I need to soften the hard light and to blur the border. This solution is often used by filmmakers because they generally have at their disposal enough strong sources of light, but in the world of photography it is not very useful decision.

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Lesson 1. Full body lighting scheme. Part 3



The second important source in my lighting setup is the fill light. The task for appearance of this source is (not being seen in lighting scene) to add some light to illuminate the dark side of model, to pull out the details, to get the information in the shadow areas of photos.

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Lesson 1. Full body lighting scheme. Part 2


Let’s turn the softbox to our direction. We can see that the background becomes darker – the light from the softbox is now directed to the different side from the background. The model stays at the edge of the light spot and light on her becomes slightly darker than in the original photo. However, it is clear that the style of light has not changed much on the model: with its hardness it corresponds to the initial image. It can be seen that distribution of the light becomes better on the model, the coverage of the light on the feet is not so very different from the top part of the model as you could see in the original picture.

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Lesson 1. Full body lighting scheme. Part 1

To introduce you to one of many lighting schemes I use, and most importantly to show the sequence and the nuances of lighting, I took the most obedient, and most importantly immovable model – the mannequin.


It happens very often that photographers giving lessons on lighting installations use a dummy, and I decided to follow tradition and show you the process of building of lighting scheme on a mannequin. The task of this lesson is to create a light scheme for full body photo with dramatic but soft, not contrast style, with detailed shadows and beautifully lit background with a noticeable focus of light behind the “model” creating volume for the picture and giving compositional completeness of the whole picture. As you know, any nice lighting is a series of successive actions of photographer, where he sometimes works on the automatic, intuitive level, but visible easiness of photographer working is preceded by finding of numerous decisions, creating for algorithm, building his own rules of lighting.

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