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Sometimes the photographer (and probably not sometimes but always) works as an painter: he not only captures, imprints surrounding reality that emerged in front of him, but also has a desire to embellish, to process, to change this reality.
When I do the photos, I often see myself as an painter, and sometimes the desire to brighten up the view in front of you leads to various interesting and unusual technical solutions.
Here I would like to put the model in the space of blue lines surrounding her, lines of blue, bright but cold fire. Read the rest of this entry »


Sophie, Elite, New York

Sophie, Elite, New York, hard light portrait Read the rest of this entry »

Tia, Women, New York

Tia Woods, Women, New York! The Great model from the great agency!

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Julia Pereira

Julia Pereira, Major Modeling Agency, New York. The excellent Brazilian model!

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Agatha Danilova, New York

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In Piter right now! Going to New York! Just 3 days and I will be there!

In Piter (Saint-Petersburg) right now! Going to New York! Just 3 days and I will be there!


It is not 3D as someone said! It is a real photo and I slightly touched her skin with retouching and made her eyes more bright! Her name is Lena, she is from iqmodels agency, and after our working I would prefer to think that she is from the Cosmos too! 🙂

Sara in Central Park

Sometimes it happens that you work a lot of hours on just one idea and get uninteresting ordinary pictures, but otherwise it happens that 15-minutes shoot gives you really unpredictable and excellent result.

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Sonya! So nice model from Al models. I think she has the great future of her career! It so easy to work with so nice, young and talented model!

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So exotic equipment

It was so crazy day! I took my lighting equipment and found it broken at the beginning of the shoot! Oh my God! My attempts to find new one in Saturday in New York failed. You know how hard is to find photography equipment in New York in Saturday!!! A lot of rental companies are closed those days! It was commercial and after one hour of searching I made a decision: I will take pics with these constructors’ lamps that I found here on location we choosen for the shoot! I saw the fear in my client’s eyes but I understood: It is my only chance to do it! I understood that these hard conditions sometimes bring us such unpredictable style of pictures. You have to work! Not to think what hard conditions surround you!

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