Flying eye shadows

For a long time I have matured the idea of making a spectacular photograph with textured eye shadows consisting of small sparkles, flying from the eyes of the model around so that they resembled wings. As in most other cases I wanted to make a real photo studio, requiring only small adjustment in Photoshop. I struggled with the technical study of ideas trying to throw this glittering sparkles in the air, trying to put them on a transparent adhesive tape. The idea came suddenly. Remembering some of the technical solutions used by me earlier, I suggested to put a glass in front of the model and attach the sparkles to it with glue. Giving them the necessary shape, placing all the strobe light sources not to have reflexes in the glass and using additional sources of continuous light to give dynamics and volume to the photo, a few minutes later I coped with the task.

Fortunately the team has worked perfect in the preparation of the model and in helping me to manage this task!