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In Piter right now! Going to New York! Just 3 days and I will be there!

In Piter (Saint-Petersburg) right now! Going to New York! Just 3 days and I will be there!



It is not 3D as someone said! It is a real photo and I slightly touched her skin with retouching and made her eyes more bright! Her name is Lena, she is from iqmodels agency, and after our working I would prefer to think that she is from the Cosmos too! 🙂

Two images from one RAW

And sometimes three and more… Why?

RAW file keeps more and more information if to compare it with TIFF, even TIFF-16. I don’t even say about JPEG!!! And sometimes we need to “pull” 2 or 3 or maybe more images from one RAW file. As I said that is because of our necessity to get as good quality of image as we can. Of course, we can do in with curves or levels in Photoshop but you know that even TIFF-16 is worse and worse than RAW.

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Sara in Central Park

Sometimes it happens that you work a lot of hours on just one idea and get uninteresting ordinary pictures, but otherwise it happens that 15-minutes shoot gives you really unpredictable and excellent result.

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Going to Bali this Fall

Those pics were made last Winter when I decided to tear myself away from snowy Europe to fly to Bali to host very “hot” workshop under sunny sky. I took just my Hasselblad camera and my Profoto battery pack. That is enough when you have nice models and great desire to do nice picture. This Fall I am going to do the same thing! From the end of November.

How do I see it?
1. It will be the group of 10 photographers.
2. It will be 6 lessons: 4 days of model shooting (4 different models and 4 different locations) and 2 days of postproduction.
3. We will use professional lighting equipment.
4. The goal is to get new experience of making outdoor pictures with strobe lighting equipment and to get new pictures in your portfolio. Models will sign release.
5. I will rent an villa where everyone could get a space for additional payment but therefore that is the question that everyone could solve by himself. Bali has a very wide range of places to live for different prices.
6. The cost is at about $700-800. The models and the equipment are included. Flight and  housing aren’t included of course. You have to take a camera, a laptop computer and your good mood.
7. I will be ready to say exact date in 2-3 weeks but I guess that it will be the end of November and will continue for a week.

Do you wish to attend this workshop?
Please, write to my email tityaev@yahoo.com and I will send all additional details.

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Sonya! So nice model from Al models. I think she has the great future of her career! It so easy to work with so nice, young and talented model!

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So exotic equipment

It was so crazy day! I took my lighting equipment and found it broken at the beginning of the shoot! Oh my God! My attempts to find new one in Saturday in New York failed. You know how hard is to find photography equipment in New York in Saturday!!! A lot of rental companies are closed those days! It was commercial and after one hour of searching I made a decision: I will take pics with these constructors’ lamps that I found here on location we choosen for the shoot! I saw the fear in my client’s eyes but I understood: It is my only chance to do it! I understood that these hard conditions sometimes bring us such unpredictable style of pictures. You have to work! Not to think what hard conditions surround you!

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Without doubts the time spent on retouching is practically a synonym for quality of this retouching. Any retoucher will tell you that only a careful hand working, inch by inch, is a guarantee of good results, while the automation of the process would not lead to the expected results and would be capable to satisfy only taste of unpretentious amateur .

The time is a resource we always miss and understanding necessity to spend a lot of time retouching our pictures sometimes we need a quick result.

I will give you a decision, which I started to use a few years ago and successfully have been doing this time. On the one hand – this is the solution for a quick retouch when there is no time, on the other – a tool to make the filigree “polishing” of the final result.

But let’s start doing it step by step.

Here you can download my action Blur + Grain (save it pressing Downloas Linked File As…), which you can install in Photoshop on your computer. Find Action Window and Load this action. I think it would be better to install in the beginning to fully understand the solutions presented to you.

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Before describing how the picture was taken I would like to talk a bit about how significant this work is for me.

It is one of my favorite works! Every photographer should strive to make vivid and memorable pictures. I think that this is the best way to prove their skills, to draw attention to yourself and your creativity. I try all the time to do creative project by inviting well-known models, experienced makeup artists to develop new imaging technology, ideas and images. So this photo is in addition to bringing new knowledge, technologies and experience to my professional baggage also greatly contributes to my advancement in the market. I made a lot of my professional works for clients who came with a single phrase: “We would like the same in my campaign”

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I like to create my pictures not as a photographer but as a painter. Using my studio as a canvas, light as a paint and my camera as a brush! Here is one of them! No Photoshop was used in creation of this photo!